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We absolutely love the meat from Pomponio Ranch! The jowl bacon is dangerously delicious. We keep trying more and more products and are always pleased.

Jessie Kariolis
Half Moon Bay, CA

“Boy do I love Pomponio Ranch beef. It’s tender, juicy and so tasty.”

Jennifer Jones
Half Moon Bay, CA

Oh my word this beef is delicious! It’s so great to find a place that both takes care of the land AND raises delicious meat.

Laurie Kehler
Half Moon Bay, CA

Pomponio Ranch products are exceptional. The quality of their meat products wonderful and the service is outstanding. A jewel on the coast!

Jenny Bour
Half Moon Bay, CA

You must try the Fillets and Heritage pork chops and bacon! They also have a fabulous brisket! We pretty much buy all our meat now from Pomponio! Our favorite cut…well it just remains between them & me!

Kelly Pike
Half Moon Bay, CA