Brisket- Point and Flat Available


Regular price$50.34
Estimated Price Per Pack


Avg. Pack Size: 6lbs.

Avg. Pack Size for Primal: 8.0lbs

Variable Weights
Split between Point and Flat Or Choose Primal for the whole cut

Brisket, a beloved classic in the world of barbecue and slow cooking, is a cut of beef known for its rich, robust flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Taken from the breast of the cow, it's typically a tougher cut that benefits from low and slow cooking methods. Whether smoked to perfection, braised in savory sauces, or roasted with aromatic spices, a well-prepared brisket yields a hearty, succulent result that's a favorite at gatherings and BBQ joints, making it a staple in comfort food cuisine.

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