Pork "Picnic" Shoulder Roast
Pork "Picnic" Shoulder Roast

Pork "Picnic" Shoulder Roast

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Avg. Pack Size: 3.25 lbs.

Variable Weights
Trimmed, Bone-In 1 Per Pack

The Pork "Picnic" Shoulder Roast, often simply referred to as a "Picnic Roast," is a flavorful and budget-friendly cut of pork obtained from the lower shoulder area of the pig. While slightly tougher than other pork cuts, it shines when slow-cooked or braised, as this method breaks down its fibers and infuses it with a rich, savory taste. Perfect for creating hearty pulled pork sandwiches or flavorful stews, the Picnic Shoulder Roast offers a delicious and affordable option for those looking to prepare satisfying and comforting meals.

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