Signe Ostby, high-end brand manager cum cattle rancher, only markets products that qualify as best-in-class. She produces and sells organic, pasture-raised beef and pork.

Signe owns a 2,700-acre ranch in the coastal hills of San Gregorio, California. At Pomponio Ranch, approximately 200-250 head of Angus and Angus-cross cattle are bred and raised for meat. The cattle spend their entire lives on the ranch, grazing on coastal grasses. They are “finished,” i.e. fattened for slaughter, on grains, most of of which is grown on the ranch.

How does Pomponio Ranch disrupt industrial meat production? Literally, from the ground up. Pomponio Ranch is managed according to the paradigm of holistic land management as promoted by Allan Savory, an environmentalist/livestock manager. Savory advocates for bunching cattle into relatively tight groups on grasslands for short durations, and then moving the herd to another relatively confined grazing area while previously grazed areas are left to regenerate.

Savory’s methods are highly controversial because they remain unproven according to scientific methods. Nevertheless, eight years of holistic grazing have yielded delicious, pasture-raised Pomponio Ranch beef, while increasing the biodiversity of the grasslands. Listen to Signe Ostby describe her sustainable ranching practices as well as her marketing strategy.