The Ingredients:

2 lbs. Pomponio Ranch 70/30 Ground Beef

3 lbs. Pomponio Ranch Bacon

1 lbs. Pomponio Ranch Bacon Ends

2 Tubs of Assorted Wild Mushrooms

1 lb. Cremini Mushrooms

6 Yellow Onions

2 Cups Dark Brown Sugar

1 tbsp. Red Pepper Flake

1 Bulb of Garlic

1 Bottle of Franks Hot Sauce

8 oz. of NorCal Bees Honey with Garlic

1 Tub Pea Sprouts

2 Packs Smoked Cheddar Cheese

1 lb. Shredded Cheese

2 Packs Slider Size Kings Hawaiian Rolls

2 Heirloom Tomatoes

¼ cup Unsalted Butter


The Condiment Sauce Ingredients

½ cup Mayonnaise

1 Chipotle Adobo Pepper

2 tbsp. Dijon Mustard

4 Cloves Roasted Garlic

1 Bunch Sage Leaves

1 Bunch Oregano Leaves

1 Bunch Thyme Leaves

1 Lemon-Zest and Juice

Sea Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper



The Equipment:

1 Cast Iron Pan

1 Small Dutch oven

2 Wooden Spoons

1 Roll Wax paper or parchment paper

1 Roll Plastic Wrap

1 Roll Tinfoil

1 Half sheet pan with raised edge

1 Half sheet pan rack, it should fit inside the sheet pan

Measuring utensils and cups

1 Chef’s Knife-8”

1 Cutting Board, Boos Block or Epicurean

1 Blender

1 Food Processor

3 Stainless steel, glass or ceramic mixing bowls (avoid using plastic)

2 medium saucepans

1 Whisk

1 Basting brush

1 Metal Spatula

2 Rubber Spatulas

2 Platters for Plate-up

1 Oven at 350 degrees F


The Stuffing:

  1. Small dice your bacon ends and set aside
  2. Slice all of the mushrooms up, and set aside
  3. Thinly slice half of the fresh garlic
  4. In a cast iron skillet, bring to medium heat, add your bacon ends and cook until slightly crispy, (take one out and try one, Yummy!)
  5. Add in your mushrooms and start caramelizing them, add your sliced garlic, season with fresh cracked pepper. Don’t season with salt as the bacon ends will already have that flavor profile.
  6. Using your wooden spoon, scrape out your mixture into a bowl to let cool for a few moments, don’t wash out your pan, you are going to use it later.

The Condiment Sauce:

  1. Pick leaves of all herbs
  2. Place all ingredients, except for EVOO in blender and mix until smooth
  3. Add the EVOO to thin out sauce.
  4. Season with Salt and Pepper
  5. Refrigerate for later

The Bacon Sushi:

  1. Place a square sheet of parchment/wax paper on your cutting board
  2. Lay the bacon horizontally and then weave bacon vertically going every other. (see pic)
  3. Using the ground beef, mash in a layer, leaving a 1” gap at the top and the bottom of the bacon.
  4. Fill in on top with the mushroom lardon mixture and cover with shredded cheese.
  5. Starting from the bottom, roll up towards the top and keep it as tight as possible using the parchment and then roll tighter with the plastic wrap
  6. Place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to firm it up.
  7. Pull back out and unwrap the log(s) of sushi… Make sure the crease is facing down
  8. Place on the inset rack in the half sheet pan, make sure to place parchment down under the rack for easier clean-up.
  9. Bake until internal temperature reaches at least 150 degrees F, or until bacon is crisping up.
  10. Apply glaze in the last 20 minutes of cooking, re-glazing every 3-5 minutes in that 20min period.
  11. Place a sheet of tinfoil tented up over the sushi and let it rest, it should be oozing with cheesy flavored goodness.

The Plate-Up…

  1. Lightly Toast both pieces of the Hawaiian Slider Rolls with butter
  2. Cut the Rested “sushi” in 4-6 equal pieces
  3. Slice your Heirloom tomatoes to your desired thickness, about 1/8″-1/4″
  4. Lightly toss your Pea Sprouts with EVOO, Salt and Pepper
  5. Arrange as Follows: Bottom Bun==> A swipe of Condiment Sauce==> Slice of Sushi==> Heirloom tomato slice==> Pea Sprouts==> Swipe of condiment sauce on inside of top bun==> Top Bun