Pomponio Ranch Dijon Crusted Hickory Smoked Ham

Recipe By: Signe Ostby


The Ingredients:

1-4.5lb. Pomponio Ranch Ham Butt or Shank

1-6oz Jar Dijon Mustard

1-16oz bag Dark Brown Sugar

½ cup Brandy

2 tsp Fresh Cracked Pepper

2 tsp Sea Salt

2 Oranges

1 bunch Fresh Rosemary

1 Bunch Fresh Thyme

2 Fennel Bulbs with Fronds

1lb. Unsalted Butter



The Equipment:

An Oven, set to 300F

1 Roasting Pan

1 Cutting Board

1- 8” Chef’s Knife

1 Microplane Tool (for zesting)

1 Medium Size Stainless Steel Bowl

1 Medium Whisk

1 Ladle or Turkey Baster


The Mise en Place…

  1. Using your Microplane, zest the 2 oranges into the bowl. Reserve the rest of the oranges for later.
  2. Using your whisk, combine the Dijon Mustard, orange zest, freshly cracked pepper, sea salt, Brandy and Dark Brown Sugar. Whisk until smooth.
  3. Smother your Ham with the Dijon/Sugar mixture thoroughly and place in your roasting pan.
  4. Using your knife and cutting board, cut your oranges in half, and squeeze them into the roasting pan, then put the oranges into the pan.
  5. Also, rough julienne the fennel bulbs and fronds and scatter them around the ham in the roasting pan.
  6. Then, scatter your herbs around the ham, on top of your fennel fronds
  7. Lastly, cut up the unsalted butter and divvy them up around the ham.


Whilst in the Oven…

  1. Place the roasting pan uncovered in the oven set to 300F
  2. Roast, uncovered for 2 hours
  3. Use a ladle or turkey baster to baste every 15 minutes after the first hour has elapsed.


The Finish

  1. Take the ham out and let it rest about 10 minutes with a tented piece of tinfoil.
  2. Note: You can strain the remaining liquid with a chinois (fine mesh strainer) into a small stock pot and reduce by half, on medium heat to produce a flavorful and aromatic glaze for your plate presentation.
  3. Slice about ¼- ½ “ thick, and serve